About Us

SR Thomas has been servicing the greater Raleigh area for over 30 years.  We are proud to be of assistance to such an excellent region for over three decades.  

Our expertise has been utilized by companies of all sizes, all with very unique needs.  Our flexibility and organization has allowed their projects to flow in a smooth, cost-effective manner.  

SR Thomas, Inc. strives to make your goals our responsibility.  You and your project  should not have to fit a standard or specification to have high-quality service.  

A Note From the Owner

Stephen R. Thomas originally started the business in 1982 as Thomas Landscaping, primarily focusing on commercial and residential lawn maintenance. Over the next couple of years his interest grew towards grading, which led the company into taking on bigger challenges. The greater Raleigh area proved to be a prosperous city to grow the business. Stephen has accomplished many of personal goals in making that small company become a much larger and profitable grading contractor, S.R. Thomas, Inc.  

"I feel I have attained a true appreciation for complete site preparation by having first hand experience with the small landscaping plans and moving on to larger commercial grading applications. As site regulations are constantly changing we pride ourselves in staying on top of today's modernization.  S. R. Thomas, Inc. is primarily based on long lasting professional relationships that make the experience satisfying and profitable for everyone. We are confident that we can be an asset to any grading project and carry your request out efficiently from start to finish. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your project in the future."

Stephen R. Thomas